4 Monsoon Handbags To Flaunt This Season

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  • 2016-06-22
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4 Monsoon Handbags To Flaunt This Season

The changing seasons imply certain mandatory changes in the way we dress. And just as the scorching heat gives way to pleasant showers, the updated wardrobe gives a much needed break to try something fun and flirtatious. Gone are the days when we used to seal ourselves from head to toe in colorless, lifeless raincoats to stay dry. Fashion these days has grown enough muscle to brighten up the gloomiest days. I’m as excited to try these as my kiddo is to put on his raincoat and play in the downpour! But first, a few tips that I thought would be helpful for these wet days…

1. Stash away your leather during this weather. Continuous exposure to moisture is not in the best interest of your precious hide.

2. Even if your bag is water repellent, it would be prudent to stick to dark colors. You never know when a vehicle, or even naughty kids, could splash jets of murky water that land in strategic spots all over your favorite bag! Murphy’s laws never abandon me and I’ve had this unfortunate experience many-a-times.

3. Which brings us to point 3 – chose a bag that allows for easy maintenance. One swipe of a wet cloth and you should be done. Unless you are the opposite of the lazy bum that I am.

4. You have the added weight of an umbrella to carry this season. You can either just dump it into your bag or carry it the organized way. This bag customized by Pure Ghee Designs for singer Shubha Mudgal has a special pouch for a water bottle. You can have a similar one to carry the umbrella. Apart from Pure Ghee Designs there are a host of other brands that customize these days. Refer to this post of ours for the list: 10 Vendors Who Could Make Your Dream Bag.

 2AM Store: A budding brand by Anjali and Meha, 2AM Store is one I have taken a great liking to, for their functional, on-trend bags that are also easy on the pocket. This transparent, nude, compact bag with gold detailing is a chic partner to your monsoon outfits. There is an inside opaque zipped pocket for contents you want to keep away from the public eye.

2AM Store Monsoon Bag


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